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            • CPA’s 2020 Strategic Plan

              • At the 2020 Annual General Meeting, the CPA was glad to announce the launch of its 2020 Strategic Plan.? The plan was developed in consultation with CPA members and prospective members, affiliates as well as its Board and staff. It defines the CPA’s mission, vision, guiding principles, operating principles, as well as six strategic goals which will guide the organization’s activity from 2020 through 2025.? I would like to invite you to review our new Strategic Plan and consider how you n help your association work for you.”
                Dr. Kim Corace, CPA President 2020/21

            • BMS Article: Parting Ways: The Right Way – Terminating the Client Relationship

            • 32nd ICP2020 and IUPsyS Assembly Rescheduled to July 2021

              • Due to the public health risks and challenges presented by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the 32nd International Congress of Psychology (ICP) 2020 and the Annual General Assembly of the International Union of Psychologil Science (IUPsyS), which was to be held from July 19-24, 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic, has been re-scheduled to July 18-23, 2021 at the same Prague Congress Centre.?

            • BMS Article: Waivers of Liability – Considerations When Resuming Practice

              • BMS logoBMS is producing an ongoing series relating to COVID-19.

                As health professionals begin to resume practice across the country, many have been asking for direction on incorporating waivers of liability. This resource follows on from the Considerations When Resuming Practice article that was recently shared.
                This resource provides sample language for a Waiver of Liability, as well as considerations for implementation. Waivers of Liability 05/24/2020

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            • New “Psychology Works” Fact Sheets responding to COVID-19

              • The CPA has produced a series of Fact Sheets in response to the coronavirus pandemic:

                • Grief, Bereavement and COVID-19 – PDF | HTML NEW 05/12/2020

                • Research Funding Information as relates to COVID-19 – PDF | HTML NEW 05/08/2020
                • Guidance for Psychology Students as Relates to COVID-19 – PDF | HTML NEW 05/08/2020
                • Guidance for Psychology Faculty and Researchers as Relates to COVID-19 – PDF | HTML NEW 05/08/2020

                • Emotional and Psychologil Challenges Faced by Frontline Health re Providers During the COVID-19 Pandemic – PDF | HTML NEW 04/07/2020
                • Psychologil Practice and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) – PDF | HTML NEW 03/18/2020

                • Student Wellness and COVID-19 – PDF | HTML NEW 04/02/2020

                • Helping Teens Cope with the Impacts of and Restrictions Related to COVID-19 – PDF | HTML NEW 03/31/2020
                • Psychologil Impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) – PDF | HTML NEW 03/20/2020
                • Working from Home During COVID-19, With and Without Children – PDF | HTML NEW 03/17/2020
                • Coping With and Preventing COVID-19 – PDF | HTML Updated 04/04/2020

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            • Psychology’s professional liability insurance program…

            • Message Regarding the CPA/CPAP BMS Liability Insurance Program

              • Dear Members,

                We hope that you are continuing to stay healthy during this challenging time.

                On or around May 1st, you will receive the 2020-2021 CPA/CPAP[1] Liability Insurance Program renewal from the program’s broker, BMS. You will see that Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) premium has increased this year. We regret that the increase comes at this challenging time of COVID-19, but please know that the increase is not related to the pandemic but to the increased cost of claims on the psychology program. There has been a steady increase in the cost of claims on the program year over year, with several years where the costs of claims paid by the Insurer have exceeded the premium they collected.


            • BMS Article: Considerations When Resuming Practice

              • BMS logoBMS is producing an ongoing series relating to COVID-19.

                This article includes an overview of considerations for health professionals who are able to re-open their businesses. There are also links to provincial resources and information relating to liability.
                Considerations When Resuming Practice 05/07/2020

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            • Psynopsis Vol.42, Issue 2 now available online

            • Federal Emergency Response Programs

              • The federal government has announced a series of programs to address disruptions in employment income and business revenue.? Most recently the CPA was pleased to see changes in the nada Emergency Business Account [CEBA], which expands the payroll threshold from $50,000 to $20,000 to be eligible for a maximum loan of $40,000.? The CPA remains concerned that members in private practice are still not eligible for the nada Emergency Response Benefit [CERB], the nada Emergency Wage Subsidy [CEWS], and nada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) programs and has communited with the Minister of Finance and Health (see letter). In coordinating its efforts, the CPA has worked closely with the Extended Health re Professionals Coalition.

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